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JOU AND JOU Patent Offices, founded in 1993 by Mr. Grant Jou, is a patent/trademark firm supported by a team of excellent and experienced technical/legal specialists as well as competent staff. Through continuous diligence and a commitment to providing superior service, JOU AND JOU has become one of the leading patent/trademark firms in Taiwan.

Main Business

We provide a wide range of patent and trademark related services. In particular, we mainly deal with patent and trademark prosecution matters in Taiwan for our foreign clients.

Overseas Service

Some foreign clients also entrust us to file patent applications in China/Hong Kong for the purpose of saving filing costs. Our excellent performances have been highly praised by many of our foreign clients renowned worldwide.

Our Performance

Business Partners
Allowance Rate2012~2018

*Average in TW:76.5%

Our Services

Our services include applications for patents and trademarks, patent and trademark invalidation, administrative remedies, litigation of patent and trademark infringements, assignment and licensing of patent and trademark, conducting patent and trademark searches, IC reverse engineering, and other intellectual property right matters.

Patent/TM Appln., OA Processing, Administrative Remedy
  1. We have plentiful experiences in Taiwanese patent/trademark prosecution matters.
  2. As for patent/trademark prosecution matters in JP, US, CN, EP, KR and other countries, we provide quality services for our clients through close cooperation with excellent local firms.
Attack/Defense of Invalidation
  1. As an invalidation requester, we can investigate invalidation evidences and prepare invalidation reasons. We can also provide services at the administrative remedy stages.
  2. As an invalidation requestee, we can prepare a response for invalidation reasons.  We can also provide services at the administrative remedy stages.
Patent Related Appraisals
  1. Patent Infringement Appraisal.
  2. Patent Validity Appraisal.
Freedom to Operate Search

We help our clients to find out the patents which may constitute obstacles to our clients’ technologies implementation or products commercialization.

Third Party Submissions

By providing prior art information of your competitor’s patent applications to TIPO, we can prevent the applications from being allowed improperly.

Patent/TM Enforcement

Licensing, transfer and litigation of patent/trademark.

Interview with Patent Examiners

Through interviews with patent examiners based on clients’ instructions, we do our best to make each important application be allowed with desirable scope.

Our Team

In order to provide the best service to our clients, we have gathered many technical experts in various fields of science and technology. Our technical specialists have excellent backgrounds in many technology fields including semiconductor, chemistry, bio-chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information science, etc.

President / Patent Attorney

Vice President / Patent Attorney

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Partner / Patent Attorney

Partner / Patent Attorney

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