1. General Capabilities

Ⅰ Excellent Ability to Handle Patent Applications  

Our technical specialists have excellent backgrounds in many technology fields including semiconductor, chemistry, bio-chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information science, etc.  This strong foundation helps us to conduct patent prosecution more efficiently among various technical fields.

Ⅱ Outstanding and Well-Trained Staff

Our technical and legal professionals have exceptional educational backgrounds and work experience.  We continually arrange a series of well-planned training courses for our staff to help them advance their professional skills. New patent engineers are supervised and mentored by their peers making sure our service is consistently professional.

Ⅲ Excellent Language Ability and Good Communication Skills

Japanese or English proficiency is a prerequisite to become a member of our staff. We have strict criteria to judge English or Japanese proficiency as part of our hiring process. Being an international IP firm, continued language training is crucial to our firm’s success. Therefore, this is a focus of our talent development. This results in an outstanding ability to communicate with foreign clients more effectively.


2. Taiwanese Patent Applications for Foreign Clients

Ⅰ Clear Assignment of Responsibility

Each case is first assigned to a technical professional and when his/her work is finished, it is scrutinized by an attorney. Both staff members are fully responsible for the case.

Ⅱ Exceptional Translation of Specifications

It is important to prepare Chinese specifications very carefully to avoid mis-interpretations, which could lead to delays in the examination procedure. This is accomplished through the following steps:

A. Specifications Translated by Patent Engineers with corresponding Technical Backgrounds

Each foreign specification is translated by a patent engineer with a related technical background that is suitable for that particular specification.

B. Reviewed by Experienced Attorneys

All work completed by patent engineers is reviewed by a patent attorney to improve the translation quality and create better Chinese translations.

C. Preparation of Errata for Applicant’s Confirmation   

Next, an erratum listing all the possible errors in the English/Japanese specification is prepared for the applicant’s confirmation.  Our clients can reference the errata that we provide when making amendments to other specifications for corresponding patent applications in other countries.

Ⅲ Urgent Cases  

Urgent cases may be handled upon client’s request.


3. Foreign Patent Applications for Taiwanese Clients

Ⅰ Up-to-Date Information Concerning Foreign Patent and Trademark Practices  

We maintain close relationships with foreign patent and trademark firms to make sure we are constantly updated about the most recent information concerning foreign patent and trademark practices.

Ⅱ Excellent Command of English and Japanese

Since most of our staff members have a good command of English or Japanese, we are able to communicate with foreigners and prepare English and Japanese specifications without difficulty.

Ⅲ Emphasis on Cooperation with Other Foreign Patent Firms  

We arrange to meet our foreign associate firms regularly through face-to-face meetings to share information and to strengthen our cooperation.


 4. Legal Counsel 

We work with a team of lawyers who are very experienced in litigation cases relating to intellectual property rights. They are: Justin Chen, Wen-Yueh Chung and Alan C.H. Chen. Justin and Wen-Yueh studied at Tohoku University and Kyoto University respectively in Japan and they both have a good command of Chinese and Japanese. Alan received a BS degree in electrical engineering in Taiwan and in law (LL.M) from UCLA and has a good command of Chinese and English. Our cooperation with them enhances the protection of intellectual property rights for our clients.